The biggest NUDIST organization in England says it’s seen a 100% increase in new members since the pandemic began.  They think it’s because people are trying out new things – and new ways of doing things – at home like gardening naked and liking it.

It looks like coronavirus cannot be sexually transmitted.  Based on all the reports we hear about how people catch it, it kinda seems like sex is the ONLY thing that doesn’t transmit it…  But the “jury” is still officially “out,” on that one.  (Of course, being that close to another person and kissing are still big risk factors for potentially spreading the virus.)

Hotel occupancy rates are down 50% to 80% nationwide – fewer rendezvous, for sure, which is bad news for romance.  But it’s also good news, because it is bad news for bed bugs.  Young bed bugs will die if they don’t eat in 20 days, and older ones can only make it a matter of months.  So this could really wipe them out.

This could make date night a little different:  A restaurant in Italy is testing out plexiglass table partitions to keep people from spreading coronavirus while they eat.

Miller High Life is running a contest where they’ll give $10,000 and a “wedding at your doorstep” to a each of a few couples, who’ve had to cancel their weddings, because of the pandemic.

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