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FRISKY FRIDAY FLIRTS: People Who Speak in a Lower Pitch More Likely to Be Promiscuous

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It turns out that your voice may “say more about you” than you might think.

An international team of researchers has analyzed voice recordings, of more than 2,000 people; then looked at their self-reported personality traits.

They found that a lower voice pitch was linked with a higher level of “socio-sexuality,” or openness to engaging in casual sex.

People with deep voices were also found to be more extroverted, and have greater “dominance” – meaning that they have high levels of influence in social situations.

Lead study author Julia Stern adds, “One possible explanation for our findings is that higher levels of testosterone are linked to lower voices, and more unrestricted socio-sexual orientation, in both women and men.”

Find more, here:  (DailyMail)

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