FRISKY FRIDAY FLAP:  ‘Boyfriend Air’ – Is It Making You Uglier?
Gen Z Women Claim Boyfriend Air Makes Them Ugly

TikTokers are complaining about a strange side effect of dating – with the tag #boyfriendair.

The topic has over 18 million likes, with girlfriends complaining that they seem to get uglier when they visit their boyfriends’ homes.

Side effects include breakouts, hair that won’t cooperate, and having to constantly reapply deodorant.

Married woman Jan said she didn’t believe in Boyfriend Air until she stayed at her mother’s house for a few days, to get away…  Then felt gross, when she came home to her husband.

Sophie Garland said she was worried about moving in with her boyfriend because of the effects it might have.  “I didn’t know how I was going to live the rest of my life feeling like that,” she said, before she explained that it did eventually go away.

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