FRISKY FRIDAY FIZZ:  Guys – Drinking ‘Pop’ Makes Two Things ‘Pop’ – ‘Testos-Terrific!’
Study:  Drinking Sodas Leads To Larger Testicles – It’s “Testosterrific”!
A Northwest Minzu University study, in China, reveals that drinking Coca-Cola and/or Pepsi could lead to larger testicles, and higher testosterone…  at least, for mice.

The study examined the impact of carbonated beverage on fertility and reproductive organs, in males.  Mice were given water, Coca-Cola, or Pepsi over a 15-day period.  Wonder who paid for the study?

Drinking Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola could promote testis development and enhance testosterone secretion,” the study concluded.

However, this research contradicts a survey of 2,500 men – which found those who drank a liter of soda a day had lower sperm counts than those who did not drink soda.

See more, here:  (NY Post)


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