FRISKY FRIDAY FIRST:  Learning What That Up-Side Down Pineapple Actually Means
Pineapple wearing sunglasses
Travel Blogger Learns What “The Upside Down Pineapple” Means  
An American, named Dominique, was given a free cruise trip; and she noticed a strange decor item on board.

When you’re on your first cruise and you see that everyone has these cute pineapples on their door,” she said.  The pineapples, particularly when they’re upside-down, are a symbol among the swingers community.

The travel blogger marveled at how nice couples were to her…  One even invited her back to their cabin for drinks.  She quickly realized what the pineapple meant, and commenters shared their personal experiences.

It means, drop-ins are most welcome…  And bring friends,” one said.

And it’s not just on cruise ships.  Wearing shorts or other clothing with pineapples on them can indicate your preference, especially if some of the pineapples are upside-down or sideways.

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