FRISKY FRIDAY FINDING:  Tinder – Hurting Not Helping your Love Life = ‘Swipe Wrong’
Study:  Tinder Can Make It Harder to Find Love – And It Can Make You Swipe Out Your Own Self-Esteem

You might be eagerly swiping to find a Valentines Day date; but recent research from the University of Vienna reveals that this might do more harm than good.

464 young dating app users were asked about their dating app habits – and excessive swiping was linked to increased self-doubt and fear of being single.

The number of available potential partners can also be overwhelming.

Using dating apps can even lead to addictive behavior, as the algorithm might favor frequent users.

Moderate users don’t seem to suffer from these negative side effects.  “Excessive swipers reported to be more overwhelmed by the abundant number of seemingly available partners on dating apps than moderate swipers,” authors wrote.

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