FRISKY FRIDAY FINDING:  Half of Men Feel Pressure to Act Like THIS
50% Of Men Pressured to Act Manly

A survey of 2,000 men reveals that half of respondents feel pressure to “perform masculinity.”

Four out of five men (80%) believe there is a societal pressure for men to behave a certain way.

And 39% (more than one in three) feel like they have to be “manly” in the bedroom, which can mean trying to act strong or dominant, whether they feel that way or not.

Almost two out of three guys (62%) say that part of “being a man” means there are topics which are “off-limits.”  These taboo subjects can include their feelings or intimate lives.

As a society, we must create a safe space for men to discuss these sensitive subjects openly,” Luka Matutinović of Lelo said.  “By breaking down societal norms and fostering a safe space, we pave the way for authentic dialogues.”

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Were you raised to believe men and women have to act in certain ways?  

Would you rather know who someone really is?  Talk about things?

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