FRISKY FRIDAY FINDING:  Do Long-Term Couples Prefer Spontaneous Romps or Scheduled Rolls
Study:  Spontaneous Romps Not Preferred by Married Couples + Other Myths Debunked
Researchers from York University have discovered that some relationship stereotypes may not be true.

While participants seem to enjoy the idea of spontaneous intimacy, they do not seem to enjoy unplanned sex in real life.

Also, too much closeness does not seem to be bad for the spark.

In the research, we find couples who grow closer have more desire for each other,” Professor Amy Muise said.

However, novelty is appreciated.  “When making plans for Valentine’s day, doing something together that’s broadening or expanding can increase desire,” Muise concludes.

Researchers also found that “Love Languages” are not really a thing…  They debunk the “Happy Wife, Happy Life” theory, as well.  They describe it as more of a “Happy Spouse, Happy House” reality.

(Check out more, here:  Study Finds)

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