FRISKY FRIDAY FIG & OLIVE:  Former Google Exec Says He Was More Than Ogled by Female Boss

Fig is sweet, but Olive is sour…  Frowning on this kind of Frisky – Sexual Harrassment:

A former Google executive says he has been fired, after he rejected advances from a senior female member of staff – That’s what the male executive claims, in a lawsuit.

Ryan Olohan said he was groped by Tiffany Miller, at an upmarket Manhattan restaurant in December 2019.  He alleges that she told him she knew he liked Asian women, which she is, and that her marriage lacked “spice.”

According to Yahoo News, Miller is the director of Google’s programmatic media.  Olohan claims that Miller complemented his physique and touched his torso, while they were at Fig & Olive, during a company get-together.

Olohan, who’s a married father of seven, claims he had been promoted to managing director of food, beverages, and restaurants and joined a team that included Miller.

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