FRISKY FRIDAY FEUD?  Shania Twain Sparks Tension Between Brad Pitt and his Famous Friend…

Brad Pitt Addresses Shania Twain Ditching Him for Ryan Reynolds

So, how does Brad Pitt really feel about Shania Twain‘s apparent snub, at the People’s Choice Awards?

Late last year, the country music legend clearly favored Taylor Swift‘s biggest fan, Ryan Reynolds, over Pitt.  Twain had changed her “That Don’t Impress Me Much” lyrics during her performance at the PCAs, where she said, “Okay, so you’re Ryan Reynolds!

When his name replaced the World War Z star’s, the cameras turned to Ryan’s stunned face; and fans liked his shell-shocked expression…  But they wondered if it would end the two actors’ friendship.

But Pitt addressed Twain’s lyrics on TikTok; where he was interviewed by The Hook – which tried to bait Pitt into slamming Reynolds for stealing his thunder.  But Pitt says, “He didn’t steal, I think we can share the wealth there.  Yeah, Ryan’s a good egg, too.  He deserves some love.

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