FRISKY FRIDAY FEST:  Females May Now Attend Japan’s Oldest Naked Man Festival
Women Will Be Allowed to Attend Japan’s Oldest Naked Man Festival
For the first time in 1,250 years, women will be allowed to participate in the Saidaiji Eyo Festival in Japan. 
The event is held every February in Western Japan.  And it is the most famous of all of the “Naked Man Festivals.”

For several years, Covid-related restrictions forced the event to go digital, which resulted in more women wanting to participate.

In January, women were allowed in the Katsube Fire Festival for the first time, and it looks like the Naked Man Festivals are following in the same footsteps.

40 women will participate.  But they will not be in the buff:  Women will wear traditional happi coats and make offerings of bamboo grass.

These women seem excited to be involved for the first time.  “I could have participated, had I been a boy!” 36-year-old Ayaka Suzuki said.

Well, we’re excited for them, breaking down buff-barriers like that!

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