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FRISKY FRIDAY FELICITATIONS: Congrats. We’re the Top Nation for ‘Sexual Wellness’

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These U.S. certainly have our problems – but pent-up sexual tension is, generally, NOT one of them.

A new study looked at sex health throughout the world by analyzing international Google searches for things related to “sexual wellness”…

After crunching the numbers, America ranks as the #1 “sexual wellness capital of the world.”  Australia is second, followed by the U.K., Germany, Canada, Italy, France, Spain, the Netherlands and Russia.

They didn’t list every country, so it’s unclear who’s the most, um, “frustrated.”

They also broke it down by CITIES.  London is the sexiest city, followed by Melbourne, Australia – New York City – L.A. – Houston – Chicago – Perth, Australia – Sydney, Australia – Toronto – and Adelaide, Australia.

Here are a few other stats from the study:  The U.S. has the most OnlyFans accounts, by far – three times more than the U.K., which ranked second.

But the U.K. is the “self-pleasure” capital of the world.  Australia is second, followed by Ireland, Portugal, and Italy.  The U.S. didn’t make the Top 10.

But the U.S. DID order the second-highest number of intimate toys, over the past three years.  Romania was #1.  And Ireland was third, followed by the U.K. and Canada.

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