FRISKY FRIDAY FEELS-FELON:  Were You The Anti-Hero in your Last Relationship? 
Were You The Anti-Hero in your Last Relationship? 

Are you the problem?  A recent survey says 70% of younger singles admit that they were the reason a past relationship did not work out.  On a positive note:  Gen Z seems pretty self-actualized.

But the poll of 2,000 Gen Z and millennial Americans found that 61% of men and 50% of women assumed they messed up on a recent date.

Common dating blunders include looking at their phone too much or arriving late.

75% say past relationships are a learning experience; and 60% are improving themselves for the future.

The vast majority of singles are actually quite cognizant of the habits or behaviors that are potentially sabotaging their dates or relationships,” said Shannon Smith of Plenty of Fish.  “When you’re happy with who you are, you’re better equipped to love others.”

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