FRISKY FRIDAY FEELS:  Are Modern Men ‘In Touch with their Feelings’?
Yes, mostly:  Almost three out of four “Modern Men” are, indeed, in touch with their feelings.
In fact, men are almost as emotionally self-aware as women.  A poll of 2,000 adults shows that 71% of men are in touch with their feelings, compared to 82% of women.

41% of all respondents outwardly show their sensitive side.  And 33% associate keeping in tune with feelings with the idea of good leadership.

48% think it’s more socially acceptable for women to show that sensitive side.  But 24% of women surveyed would feel insulted if someone called them “sensitive.”

It’s in our nature to be sensitive. It’s something we all face at times in our life when the world around us tests our resilience and strength,” Doctor Cristina Psomadakis said.

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