FRISKY FRIDAY FEELS:  Almost Half of Couples Avoid THIS
Almost Half of Couples Avoid Difficult Conversations
Would you speak up if you thought your partner was ill, or you were drifting apart or a crisis was imminent? 
Almost half of couples avoid difficult discussions, according to a survey of 2,000 married adults.

Almost half (48%) said they steered clear of sensitive topics due to fear of a negative reaction, not wanting to discuss something sad, and preferring to keep things “light.”

Some topics included illness and death.

But here’s what is most difficult to discuss:  More than two-out-of-three (68%) said dementia is one of the illnesses they fear most.

People need to feel comfortable and equipped to open up and ask those difficult questions,” Dr. Tim Beanland says.  “When it comes to dementia, it’s usually those closest to us who first notice changes that could indicate something is wrong; so it’s vital to speak up.”

Some ways to start a difficult conversation include asking someone how they feel, what they think, or expressing loving concern over a recent incident.

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