FRISKY FRIDAY FEEL-THE-BOND:  The Big O Can Create THIS for Intimate Partners
Study:  Orgasms Can Create A Bond Between Partners
Imagine this is just another day on the job for ya:  A University of Texas at Austin study observed the brains of rodents during and after orgasm, and found that regions that shape bonding were active.

If humans experience similar brain activity, this could mean intimacy can strengthen bonds.  Shockingly, there appeared to be no difference depending on the sex of the rodent.

That was a surprise,” Professor Steven Phelps said.  “The prevailing hypothesis was that brain activity during mating and bonding would also be different between the sexes.”

Researchers used 200 prairie voles in the study, in part because they are a monogamous species.

(Check out more, here:  NY Post)

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