FRISKY FRIDAY FEEL OR FUR: Would You Rather Massage your Partner or your Pet?

funny dog nose close up with owner hands showing a heart shape around it

Most of Us Would Rather Massage the Pet Than the Partner?


No one really ENJOYS cleaning up after their pets.  But it’s probably better than having to clean up after a human.

A survey asked pet owners what they’d rather do with their PET – than their PARTNER – and people got a little vicious with their responses.  Here are the Top 10:

1.  Go for a walk or a run

2.  Cuddle on the sofa and watch TV

3.  Take a nap

4.  Take them to work

5.  Do the gardening

6.  Go to the beach

7.  Give them a massage

8.  Have a photoshoot

9.  Go on a vacation

10.  Cook for them

Feel out more, here:  (SWNS)

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