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A Woman Distracts a Thief with “Favors” Until Cops Arrive

A 24-year-old guy tried to rob a gas station in Slovakia on Tuesday and could have gotten away.  But then a 36-year-old woman in the store offered him oral favors, while employees called the cops.  And she kept him there long enough for police to show up and arrest him.


How do you define a “hero”?  And does this count?

A 24-year-old guy in Slovakia walked into a gas station on Tuesday and tried to rob the place.  He took money from the register . . . punched an employee . . . and threatened to kill them.  Then he walked to an office in back and tried to open the safe.

Now, it’s not clear if he got the safe open or not.  But it was a while before cops got there, so he could have gotten away.

But during all this, a 36-year-old woman walked into the store, and decided to distract him until cops got there . . . by offering him oral favors.

They went in the back office, while one of the workers called police.  And he was still half-dressed when they showed up.

We don’t speak Slovak.  But she stopped when they busted in and said something like, “Take him away.”

A local news outlet in Slovakia didn’t release the woman’s name, and it’s not clear why she opted to do what she did.  But it worked, and the guy is now in jail.  And no one was killed. 

Here’s where the story started:  (Daily Star / Noviny


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