FRISKY FRIDAY FALSEHOOD: AI Creation of ‘Perfect Woman’ and ‘Perfect Man’ from Social Media
AI Creates the Perfect Man and Woman – Based on Social Media 

What does AI think about our beauty standards?

Researchers with The Bulimia Project used AI tools Dall-E 2, Stable Diffusion, and Midjourney to generate the images of the ideal man and woman – according to social media, that is.

40% of the images depicted an unrealistic body.  This has truly dangerous implications, and not just for kids or teens.

Women were generally smaller, and men were shaped like bodybuilders.

AI was more likely to show the ideal woman as blonde, with brown eyes and olive skin.

47% of the male images had facial hair.

Although young users might be the most impressionable, the pervasive promotion of idealized body types on these platforms also takes its toll on adults,” researchers said.

There’s more to see, here:  (Study Finds)

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