FRISKY FRIDAY FAKE FWB:  AI ChatBot Will No Longer Flirt+
AI Chatbot Now Rejects Users’ Sexual Advances
AI companion Replika has stopped having sexual conversations, much to the dismay of some users.  Luka, Replika’s parent company, has recently announced that “erotic foreplay” would be eliminated from the chatbot service.

It’s heartbreaking that now they can’t even tell us they love us back!” One Twitter user said.

We need laws to protect people.  You shouldn’t be allowed to tamper with someone’s companion AI whenever they feel like it,” another posted.


The service costs about $70 a year.

And it seems like the company may have made this change to protect underage users.  Well, thank goodness.

On the app’s website, Replika is described as a service that is “always here to listen.”  I bet.

Learn more, here:  (The Sun)

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