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FRISKY FRIDAY FAILURE: House Listed with Naughty Picture… Sold? Fired!

There’s a realtor in Nashville, Tennessee, who recently uploaded 31 lovely photos of a newly listed home . . . but, he accidentally uploaded one photo, too many.

Someone noticed that the 32nd photo wasn’t of the house . . . it was a photo of the realtor, receiving a sexual favor from a younger woman.

And before anyone caught it, the listing was published on a bunch of different websites, all over the Internet . . . with that photo included.

When an independent newspaper called “Scoop Nashville” contacted him, he admitted it was him in the photo . . . but he wouldn’t say who the woman was (some decency, very nice); and he threatened to sue the paper if they covered the story.  They covered it anyway.

And the listing was quickly pulled down . . . and is now re-listed with a different agent.

(Scoop Nashville)  (Here’s a censored version of the picture Miguel accidentally included in the listing.)

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