FRISKY FRIDAY FAIL:  Eggplant Emoji – Don’t Send It – Here’s Why
Don’t Send Eggplant Emojis If You Want People to Like You

The most recent year-end survey about emojis (from the “2022 US Emoji Trend Report“) reveals the most and least liked emojis in the United States.  Sounds serious, doesn’t it?

Americans’ favorite emojis are the crying with laughter face, the thumbs up, and the red heart.

If you’re flirting, try the faces with hearts:  The kissy face, the heart eyes, or the face surrounded by hearts.

What will lose points?  Poop, angry face, and eggplant emojis…  They, apparently, might make you less likable.

Which emojis are most misunderstood?  They are the smiling cowboy, cherries, and the upside-down smiley.  I don’t get them, either.

Learn more, here:  (NY Post)

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