Holding a smartphone in one hand, swiping or using gesture control with the other hand. On the screen is a mock up of a dating app with a female profile.


The pandemic has spurred the rise of “intentional dating.”

Now that singles are vaccinated and hitting the dating apps, they appear to be more interested in monogamous relationships and less interested in casual sex.

According to Match’s 2021 Singles in America study, which surveyed 5,000 single people in the U.S. in August:  53% of app daters are now “prioritizing their search for a relationship more than before the pandemic.”

The same study also found that 58% of app daters have shifted toward “intentional dating,” and 69% of users are being more honest with their potential partners.

The trend is not so surprising, when you consider the shift of perspective which has occurred in the last couple of years.  If you have to ever go on lockdown, you’d like to spend that time with someone, preferably someone you truly enjoy, right?

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  • Single people are more interested in monogamous relationships than casual hookups than they were before the pandemic. 
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