Here are the most common situations where women have put on makeup in 2020, according to a new survey:  For in-person, social distanced hanging out with friends . . . eating at a restaurant outside . . . and going to the store to run errands.


Odds are you’ve worn makeup a lot less often in 2020 than you did before.  It’s entirely possible you HAVEN’T worn any since everything went crazy in March.  No one wants to develop “maskne” (acne from that mask!).  But lots of people have – at least once in a while.

A new survey asked women when they’ve put on makeup since quarantine started.  And here are the top 10 situations . . .

1.  In-person, social distanced hanging out with friends, 41%.

2.  Eating at a restaurant outside, 37%.

3.  Going to the store to run errands, 36%.  Yes, really.

4.  Going on a date, 35%.

5.  Having a drink at a bar outdoors, 29%.

6.  Video calls with family, 25%.

7.  Video calls with friends, 25%.

8.  Virtual happy hours with the office, 19%.

9.  Video meetings at work, 15%.

10.  Virtual bar crawls with friends, 13%.

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