FRISKY FRIDAY FACTS:  ‘Dating Resume’ Strategy Goes Viral
‘Dating Resume’ Strategy Goes Viral on Social Media

27-year-old TikTok user Emily Zgoda, known also as @crazyauntemily, is looking for love in an unusual – but professional – way:  By handing out dating resumes.

The California woman has stopped using dating apps.  She has started giving her resume to men she runs into, in real life.  The resume includes her name, contact information, and some fun facts.

I’m not anti apps, but I’ve never liked how they feel like a fake profile. You’re just creating this image of yourself,” Zgoda said.  “I decided to make these dating resumes and hand them out at bars or grocery stores, wherever I go.”

I’m not sure it’s a good idea to do that at a bar…  Maybe after a conversation at the grocery store…

Some of her videos have gone viral with millions of views, but Zgoda insists it’s not a stunt…  She’s really ready to go on dates and find her future husband.

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