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FRISKY FRIDAY FACT: What’s Your Most Important Feature for Virtual Dating? THIS.

Your Eyes

When you go on a virtual date, your EYES are your most important feature, according to a new survey.  People say the best way to flirt or show interest is with your eyes . . . and looking down or rolling your eyes is the best way to signal that you’re NOT interested.


If you’ve been doing any virtual dating this year, you don’t have all the usual body language clues you’d get from meeting in person.  So . . . you’ve got to overanalyze and overthink the clues you CAN get.

And according to a new survey, done by Virgin Media, those clues are mostly coming from . . . the EYES.  Body language specialists rated a number of features.

In the survey, people consistently rated eyes as the most important feature for virtual dating, in particular.  Here’s how . . .

1.  43% try to flirt with their eyes more than they would for in-person dating.

2.  People will try to hold eye contact for around nine seconds . . . which is the right length to show you’re interested without coming across as creepy.

3.  And if you’re not interested in someone, looking down or rolling your eyes are the best ways to send that signal.

See more, here:  (Daily Star)

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