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FRISKY FRIDAY FACT: That Big Make-Out Can Give You Food Poisoning… Here’s How.

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Scientists Warn:  Food Poisoning Can Be Passed On Through Sex…

Food poisoning is not pleasant, and it turns out it can be passed on in a way you might not expect.

University of Oklahoma researchers now share that the Campylobacter infection, the most common foodborne illness in the Western world, can also be spread via sexual contact.

The infection is rarely serious, but can cause vomiting and diarrhea.  And it can pose more risk for people who have underlying health conditions.

The experts say the reason it can be passed along to others during sex is likely because people can get infected when only small amounts of this particular bacteria are present.

Study leader Dr. Katrin Kuhn adds, “This is an interesting time, because COVID-19 has made people more aware of the importance of monitoring infectious diseases in general, not only during a pandemic.  There are many infections, like the one caused by Campylobacter, that make people sick.  It’s important that we spotlight the fact that these diseases exist and that we continue to conduct research on their effects and modes of transmission.”

Learn more, here:  (Daily Mail)

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