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FRISKY FRIDAY FASHION: Riley Green Uses Cowboy Boots as…

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 . . .Footwear . . . and Decorative Plaques?

YEP.  Riley Green lines up all of his cowboy boots along the wall of his bedroom . . . so people can admire the entire collection, as if they’re decorative plaques.  Everyone’s into SOMEthing, right?

Green’s cowboy boots are not just articles of clothing, which he wears and then puts away.  He displays them, proudly.  Quote, “You tell me if I’m wrong for this, but I feel like my cowboy boots in my house are decorative.

“I put all my clothes in my closet, all my tennis shoes in my closet, but I got my cowboy boots along the wall on the floor in my bedroom for people to see when they come in, like that’s a plaque or something.”

(What’s your “weird roommate” decorating story?  Or, was it you?  What bizarre decorating ideas have you unleashed on the world?)

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