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FRISKY FRIDAY FACT: Mumbling Makes Men More Attractive – But Not Women

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If you’ve been striking out with the ladies, shove a couple cotton balls in your mouth and see what happens . . .

A new study found women might find men more attractive if they MUMBLE a lot.

Researchers recorded 42 people speaking, and had a separate group rate how attractive their voices were.

People who mumble tend to blend their vowels together.  So they ran all the audio through a program that looked at speech patterns and how far apart different vowel sounds were.

And they found that guys who mumbled a lot got higher ratings than men who spoke clearly and were easy to understand.

The opposite was true for female voices though.  Men thought that women who spoke clearly were more attractive than ones who mumbled.

Hear about more, here:  (Daily Mail / AIP

A new study found women find men more attractive if they MUMBLE a lot.  But the opposite is true for female voices.  Women who speak clearly are seen as more attractive than women who mumble.

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