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FRISKY FRIDAY FACT: Men Who Drink, While Trying for a Baby, Are More Likely to Father a Child with THESE


Gentlemen, listen up.

A study, out of China, has found that men who drink alcohol, while they’re trying for a baby – even just one drink per week – are more than a third more likely to father children with birth defects…  35% more likely.

Among the group they looked at, only three-percent of mothers drank, in the six months before conception.  This allowed researchers to look at the impact of paternal drinking.

The data showed that paternal drinking specifically increased the risk of their babies having clefts, by 55-percent.

Study author, Xiaotian Li, adds:  “Our finding suggests future fathers should be encouraged to modify their alcohol intake before conceiving to reduce fetal risk.  Paternal alcohol exposure biologically increases the risk of sperm abnormalities.”

Find out more, here:  (Daily Mail)

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