FRISKY FRIDAY PHONEY:  How You Use Your Phone May Reveal If You’re Cheating

Well, this has a nasty ring to it.

Here’s a sneaky habit that might mean someone’s cheating:  If he or she always leaves his or her phone, face down on a table (or any surface), they might be trying to hide their texts.  A couples therapist recently did an interview, and mentioned this sneaky cell phone habit.

The reason is obvious.  They’re worried you’ll see a text come through.  So they want to keep their screen hidden, just in case.

However:  Just that, alone, doesn’t prove anything.  So don’t jump to conclusions, and start accusing.  But if you’re already suspicious, it might be more indication.

The affair-seekers’ website recently did a survey.  And 82% of members said they keep their phone around them, at all times, to avoid snooping.  Many even disable the name feature in notifications, so that you can see a call came in, but not the name of who was calling.

AND:  If someone still memorizes phone numbers, and doesn’t enter them into a contact list (address book), that may be a sign, as well.

See the full story, here:  Mirror


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