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FRISKY FRIDAY FACT: Guys with Deep, Sexy Voices Are More Likely to…


A new study reveals that men with deep, sexy voices might be more likely to cheat…  Possibly because they have more testosterone.


A new study from China finds that men with deep, sexy voices might be more likely to SLEEP AROUND.

It’s published in the journal “Personality and Individual Differences” and approved by the Ethics Committee of Southwest University.  Researchers polled 116 men and 145 women.  They asked how likely they were to stay faithful in a relationship on a scale from 1 to 7.

And they found that men with deep voices were more likely to admit that they’d probably cheat, at some point.

This resonates with the people behind the study; because they think it might have to do with testosterone.  Guys with deeper voices tend to have more of it.  And previous studies have found links between testosterone and cheating.

The researchers admit it was a small sample size though, so it doesn’t prove anything.  And they didn’t find any link between women’s cheating habits, and how high or low their voice is.

Get the in-depth story, here:  (NY Post)

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