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FRISKY FRIDAY FACT: Guys Wear Make-Up, Now. Here’s Why.

TV Anchors and movie stars have relied on make-up and lighting, for years…  Guys and gals, alike.

But, now that some guys have to meet with so many others for work, online, they’re starting to turn to make-up for a better on-camara look.

So, it’s not much surprise that having to be on Zoom or Go-To-Meeting, all day, now prompts more men to start wearing make-up.  It’s according to a new report.

SNL” even had a skit about the exact same topic, earlier this month.  They called it “Man Stain,” among other things.  Dan Levy hosted.  But the show ran long and it got cut.  One of the products was foundation that comes in a beer can.  (Here’s a clip.)  (:34)

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