FRISKY FRIDAY FACT:  Garth Brooks Took a Shower with Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler?  YES.

Country music superstar Garth Brooks once shared a shower with rock superstar Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler?!

Garth confirms it.  The “Good Ride Cowboy” singer revealed the saucy story on Thursday’s episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show.

When Clarkson revealed that she had a childhood crush on Tyler, Brooks shot back, “I showered with him.”

When pressed for details, the 61-year-old said it happened when he and Tyler were performing with Billy Joel, at New York’s Shea Stadium, back in 2008.

I go out there, and I’m late anyway, and they have just the baseball showers,” Brooks said.  “I had soap in my eyes and I look around.  And there’s Steven Tyler, and he’s showering, too.  How many people get to say that?

Brooks went on to say he and Tyler exchanged greetings; and then the two fully naked men went their separate ways.

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