FRISKY FRIDAY FLIRT:  Do You Play with your Hair All the Time?  Here’s Why.
Psychologists Reveal Why You Play with your Hair

You may notice you touch your hair more when you’re anxious, but did you ever wonder why?

Clinical psychologist Matthew Childs says that playing with your hair is “a typical nervous tic or sign of anxiety [that could] speak toward anxiety about appearance or about the way you feel within that situation.

Childs adds, “It can also mean the way you relate to your hair, if you consider it a positive or negative physical attribute.”

Clinical psychologist Rachel Wien offers a different take:  If you’re constantly playing with your hair it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re nervous or anxious—some people just like the sensation of it.

And if you play with your hair when you’re flirting, it could be as simple and straightforward as wanting someone to notice your hair.  Maybe you want to show it off, a little.

However, Wien advises that playing with your hair “can be problematic when it feels out of control, or when it escalates into constant hair pulling, called trichotillomania.”  If you feel you need help managing hair touching, or pulling, you should talk to your doctor or a therapist.

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