FRISKY FRIDAY 500:  Would You Spend That Much for One Month of Tinder?
Tinder Launches $499 Monthly Plan 
Would you pay $499 for Tinder if you could message anyone you wanted? 
Tinder Select is the newest monthly subscription that lets users be seen more often, and even lets subscribers message others without matching. 
Questions:  Would you want someone to buy license to pester you?  Is that so-called “privilege” worth 500 bucks?  Does this signal that you might be a “sugar daddy” or “sugar momma” – or does it make you look like you’re trying to look wealthy?  

The feature will also be exclusive, as less that 1% of users would be able to access Tinder Select.

Members can also add a badge to their profile so everyone knows you’re in the “club.”

Tinder Select users will also get to test new features first and hide ads.

I’m thinking I’d “swipe left” on this one.  In other words, “no, thank you.”  I’d move to another service.

(Check out more, here:  Tech Crunch)

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