FRISKIER FRIDAY FACTOR:  Instead of ‘The Big O’ How About ‘The Smokin’ O’?
Study:  Marijuana Leads to ‘The Big O’ in the Bedroom 

Marijuana could help both men and women have a better time in the bedroom…   so says a study, conducted in North Carolina (Seems like they’re keeping a lid on the location LOL).

It also reveals that women who smoke – or otherwise partake – before they hit the sheets report twice as much satisfaction.

This may explain some of it:  70% of participants experienced heightened senses of touch and taste, after cannabis use.

And the effect of a more intense O existed during both intercourse and solo time.

Plus:  Cannabis use could also help women get there multiple times.

The relaxation effect of cannabis – or the expectation that smoking will lead to more pleasure – could factor-in, study authors note.

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