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“Friday Feels” at 8 pm–YOU be the DJ with a 3-pack of your FAVORITE songs!

Lisa’s playing a 3-pack of songs that YOU selected, every single Friday night at 8 pm. Go ahead–be the WCCQ DJ that gets the party started each week, or maybe you want to drop the lights low and play DJ softly to a special someone…that’s YOUR CALL!

Pick your 3 favorites to set the tone for the weekend, and make your picks at any time throughout the week!

You can make your 3-pack request THREE ways:

[email protected] (email)

2-drop your 3-pack request in the comments of Lisa’s weekly post on WCCQ’s Facebook page,

3-or call and leave a message at: (815)-556-0179 ph

Lisa loves hearing what gets you swinging, stomping, and swaying, so be sure to share–sky’s the limit to hit you in the “Friday Feels”!


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