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Freckles: Would You Dye Them onto your Skin? It’s a Thing…

Close-up of a woman laughing, covering her mouth with her hand.
Trend:  People Using Hair Dye to Give Themselves Fake Freckles
A new TikTok trend has people spraying hair dye on their faces to get fake freckles.  Blotting chemicals on your face is questionable, in the first place – especially if that’s not even where the dye (or other chemical) is supposed to go.
But, “beauty gurus” are actually posting videos of themselves, spraying or dotting instant root-concealer on their faces, to achieve the look.
Many of the videos have gone viral, and show the individual first botching the hack, before possibly mastering it.
Of course some also nail the trend, and talk about how happy they are with the results.
Sure depends on the decade, doesn’t it?  Some of us grew up trying to smear lemon juice on our hands, to get rid of freckles…

There’s more madness, here:  (Daily Mail)


  • A new trend has TikTok beauty influencers using instant root concealer on their faces to create fake freckles—some really pull it off, while others botch it terribly

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