Fowl Or Foul?  Leaders ‘Figger’ Fate of Small Town’s Big Chicken
Lots to cluck about, over what to do with the insides of a hollow, 62-foot tall steel chicken structure in a small town in southern Georgia.

It was erected as art, in a little town of 9,000 people, 4 years ago.

Now, the Fitgerald local government is voting on what should be “cooped” up, inside the six-story bird.

Will they will fill the inside with apartments, plants, or more metal?  Anything but gizzards, please.

The tourist-attraction has cost the city $291,000, in construction, alone.

While some people debate over whether the structure looks more like a turkey or a chicken, the tension of the fate of this foul has taken flight.  Everyone’s been too “chicken” to settle how to finish the work-in-progress, which may turn out to be a “turkey.”

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