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Flowbees Have Completely Sold Out – Thanks to George Clooney

George Clooney just proved how influential he really is – and how far radio and TV can reach.  The Academy Award winner recently told media that he regularly uses a Flowbee, to cut his hair at home, during pandemic.  Then, last week, Clooney demonstrated how to use one to cut your hair, on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Now, the popular infomercial item is flying off the shelves.  The blend of a haircutting buzzer and a vaccuum is completely sold out.

And the makers say it could be weeks, before they can get more back on their website.  The company adds that it was taken by surprise, when  Clooney revealed that he liked their product.  Flowbee executives plan to send him a thank you package, for his great endorsement.

Are you asking Santa for a Flowbee for Christmas?

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