Famous Chicago Hot dog stand could be for sale.

The Wiener's Circle

There are plans to sell the property where the 700-square-foot stand stands on the 2600 block of North Clark Street. The landlord wants to bundle the hot dog stand with a neighboring apartment building — which houses Snow Dragon Shavery — and that could make the combined 12,942-square-foot property attractive for a developer with a larger project in mind.

The Wiener’s Circle’s future depends on whether a new property owner chooses to demolish the stand and the neighboring building or just sit back and let the chocolate shakes keep flowing. However, as Crain’s reported, Wiener’s Circle’s owners are interested in buying the property themselves and leaving the Chicago food landmark intact. That’s a group headed by Ari Levy of Levy Family Partners. They’re the ones who are opening Aloha Poke Co. locations around the country.

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