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Experts Warn: We’re So Reliant on Our Phones They’re “Becoming Our Homes”

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We Are Now So Reliant on their Smartphones, the Devices Are ‘Becoming Our Homes,’ Experts Warn

We are apparently too reliant on our smartphones… like, almost dependent.

Researchers from London’s Global University have documented smartphone use, by older adults around the world, from Ireland to Italy, over the course of a year.

They found that rather than using their phones as a way to kill time, people treat their smartphones like their homes.  The phone has become a place where they live.

Lead study author, Professor Daniel Miller, says smartphone use is leading to “death of proximity,” or an end of face-to-face interaction among all age groups.  He adds, “We are learning to live with the jeopardy that even when we are physically together, we can be socially, emotionally or professionally alone.”

The experts believe this is due to messaging apps, which allow families and friends to stay in touch from a distance.  Miller adds, “The smartphone is perhaps the first object to challenge the house itself in terms of the amount of time we dwell in it while awake.  We have become human snails carrying our home in our pockets.”

There’s more, here:  (Daily Mail)


  • Researchers have found that increasing, people are using smartphones “like a home” as opposed to a way to kill time
  • The experts believe this is happening due to messaging apps allowing families and friends to stay in touch from a distance

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