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Everyone Loves the Chocolate Swirl on a Snickers Bar. Here’s WHY.

Why Everyone Loves the Decorative Chocolate Line on Snickers Bars, According to Science 

Recently, Twitter freaked out when a photo of a Snickers bar was posted, which showed the candy bar with a smooth surface, minus the decorative chocolate lines on top, that everyone is accustomed to seeing.

Snopes confirmed the photo was fake.  But why were people so upset about it?

A scientist tells TheTakeout that seeing a smooth Snickers bar creates a sense of cognitive dissonance.  He explains, “If you see a smooth Snickers bar, you might think they’ve changed the texture of the bar overall.  That’s a big part of the experience—you eat with your eyes.  Ultimately, these are iconic brands, and people have an expectation of what an iconic brand should be.  When you change something about an iconic brand, a consumer is going to be very sensitive to it.”

He also notes the decorative chocolate impacts the “taste experience” as it affects the texture.  It’s part of why “Snickers Really Satisfies,” perhaps.

But you don’t have to worry about anything changing with Snickers bars.  The official Snickers Twitter account has confirmed that the “veins remain.”

Bite into a little more, here:  (

  • A food scientists says people were recently very freaked out on Twitter after a picture showing a smooth-topped Snickers bar went viral, and it’s because Snickers is an iconic brand, and people are used to seeing it with its chocolate decoration on top, so they might think the texture of the candy bar has changed overall
  • But Snickers confirmed on Twitter that the Snickers classic design hasn’t changed—as they say—“veins remain”

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