Etiquette Exists for a Reason:  Don’t Do THIS When You Get Invited to a Wedding
TikToker Shares ‘What Not To Do’ When Sending a Wedding RSVP Card

Usually people don’t add things to a wedding RSVP card, but you never know.

Toronto-based TikToker Melissa Baum recently had a post go viral with 1.2 million views when she showed an RSVP card she had received for her wedding.

The card only had room for the guests’ names, a place for them to accept or decline the invitation, and a line to indicate whether they were vegetarian or not.

One person not only checked off the vegetarian box, but also wrote out, “No iceberg lettuce, no nuts or beans, dislike red pepper, not spicy, dressing on side with salad, sensitive to garlic.”

Baum wrote in her caption, “It’s just one meal, for God’s sake.”

The post also included words on the screen reading, “What not to do on your RSVP card Part 2.”
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  • A woman recently had a viral TikTok post in which she showed an RSVP card she got for her wedding in which the person added a ton of notes about what they would and would not eat
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