Eric Church Addresses Controversial Show Cancellation

Eric Church has no regrets about canceling his April 2nd show in San Antonio, TX, to attend the Final Four game of the Men’s NCAA Tournament, between Duke and his beloved UNC Tar Heels.

On Friday (April 22nd), Eric was a guest on the Audacy Rob + Holly podcast where he explained, “I can recreate San Antonio.  I can’t recreate Duke and Carolina in the Final Four.”

He added, “It was just something that I had to be there.  I had to take my boys — I have boys that are 10 and 7 — and my dad is still alive, he’s 70.  I had to be at that game.  There was no way that I wasn’t being there.  I’m very glad we went.”

Eric explained the game as a “once-in-a-lifetime thing,” saying, “To me, the championship was against Duke, because of the rivalry, because they’ve never met in the tournament, and it’s Coach K‘s final game.  All those things were a perfect storm that I never would have conceptualized would have happened.  It hadn’t happened in my life; it hadn’t happened in my dad’s life . . .

Eric admits that making headlines about canceling his show in lieu of the game was very surprising.  He said, “I thought it might be getting a little noisy when I was watching ESPN Sports Center; and I was leading on the Sports Center thing.  I thought, ‘Wow, that’s new.’  That’s when I thought it’s getting a little bit out of control.”

He already announced plans to make things up to the fans, who had tickets to the San Antonio show, with a free show in September at the Whitewater Amphitheater in New Braunfels ( with details to be announced, soon).

Eric said, “I knew the people in San Antonio were going to get disappointed.  I hated that; and I knew there was no real way around that.  But I also knew I could fix part of that.  I could fix my part of that.  It’s our show; I can do that – and I can make that special for them.”

On Friday (April 29th), Eric will hit the stage in Boise, ID.

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