Now we know exactly who gave Elle King the idea for the title of her album — Chris Young! Elle previously shared that while in a verbal argument with someone, that unnamed person yelled to her fiance and told him to “come get your wife,” which is what Elle named her new album. While leaving his name out of the story, Elle shared the story on Instagram, referring to him as a “famous a**hole.”

Page Six reports the altercation went down while Chris and Elle were filming Blake Shelton and Carson Daly’s new USA Network show, Barmageddon, back in April of last year. The two were playing against each other and, according to a witness, Elle was winning and talking a little trash.

The source said, “I can’t hold my tongue about how that country singer Chris Young treated Elle King. He talked down to her because she’s a woman. I’m sure the network will cut it up to make him not look that bad, but once she started kicking his a** in the bar games and s**t talking like the guys were doing, he couldn’t take it anymore. He was seeing red.”

The source added, “He called her names and then even yelled over her head to a guy who was with her that he better ‘Come get your wife’ — what was he even gonna do?  So stupid. The whole crew saw and heard it.”

Not surprisingly, that interaction did not make the final edit of Chris and Elle’s episode of Barmageddon, which aired last week.


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