EAT SMARTER NOT HARDER:  Skipping Breakfast Could Kill You?

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Miss That First Meal

While we’ve all heard that breakfast is the “most important meal of the day,” a new study suggests it’s even more important than we might think.  In fact, skipping breakfast – serially – could end up killing you.

Researchers at Mount Sinai have found that missing that first meal – not breaking your nighttime fast (that’s how we got the name, “Break Fast”) – can be detrimental to fighting off infection and increase your risk of heart disease.

And this might bowl you over:  It’s because hunger triggers a response in the brain – which has a negative effect on immune cells – according to the study’s findings.  “There is a growing awareness that fasting is healthy, and there is indeed abundant evidence for the benefits of fasting,” sometimes, says lead researcher Filip Swirski.  However, he says:  “Our study provides a word of caution – as it suggests that there may also be a cost of fasting that carries a health risk.”

Swirski adds:  “The study shows that there is a conversation between the nervous and immune systems.”  And it might not be so good, if you miss that first meal.

So, if you haven’t, it might be good to butter-up to breakfast – even just a little bite or two.

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