Early pic…same great folks

Oh the good ole days.  When this pic was taken….I was either not born yet, or I was young enough to be left with a beer swilling old lady, who, by the way, used to put salt in her beer.  But I digress.  I love my folks.  Glad they’re mine and not yours.  If they were yours, I’d be jealous.

Back to the good ole days.  There are certain songs that, when heard, remind us of our youth.  But this isn’t about us right now dagnabbit.  This is about these two goofs and thoughts of them.  I can’t place the exact date, or even the gathering attended (not necessarily the point of this picture).  Ya see, I have fond memories of these two, regardless of how they were dressed or the style of the era.  Ok…to the point.  Pictures can certainly trigger call backs to yester-year.  But what about a song?  A song can give you the feels in many ways.  And with some recent updates to what you hear everyday, I got to thinking….and I started to wax nostalgic.  Especially when I heard “Islands In The Stream” recently.  (If I have to tell you who sings it, then we should never meet in public..or anywhere).

Islands In The Stream brings back serious memories and brings on the feels because it is one of the many songs that makes me think of my folks.  It is one of those songs, no matter how dated it ever becomes, will remind me of a subconscious motto that my folks seemingly adhered to.  At gatherings, they may have danced to it.  In conversations, the song was recalled as pseudo-symbollic for my dad.  And overall, Islands In The Stream, simply reminds me of how they both went through and got past many obstacles that weaker folks would succumb to.

So I ask you:  Is there a song, in the vast library of musical creations, that gives you the ‘feels’ and reminds you more of your loved ones than of you and your own life?  Is there a song that makes you long for the time when it was them in the spot light and not you and your friends?  Because we all have our teen themes and our generational soundtrack.  But what about the song that takes you out of the equation and focuses on someone else?  Is there a song like “Islands In The Stream” in your life?



Oooohhhh…So good! Don’t need ’em. Why keep ’em?