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Driver’s License Test: Would You PASS If You Took It RIGHT NOW?

Get a load of this: there’s one test we took when we were young that we SHOULD be able to pass for the rest of our lives. The reality is that 1 in 7 of us don’t think we’d pass our driver’s test right now if we had to retake it!

We’re kind of spacey behind the wheel, too. Nearly 30% admit we’re zoning out when we’re driving. But why?

Some say they just have a lot on their mind–distracted! Nearly half of us are out there eating or using our phones while we’re driving.

90% of us think we’re really good drivers, even though a quarter of those people have been told by friends or family that we are actually bad drivers!

So, if you had to take your driver’s license test NOW, do you think you’d pass?

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